You're an Infinitely Precious Treasure Tower: Block Party, Union Square
A non-profit organization wanted to have an event that symbolized an offering to the community, in order to gain trust, have people feel empowered, and treasured as they walk through 15th street between Union SQ West & 5th Ave.
Inherit the Torch of Justice Youth Event, Chelsea
Event design for youth gathering—with a limited budget, we brought color and excitement to a tan colored building on 24th street. We handmade large signs along with balloon sculptures creating IG worthy moments. This was a kickoff meeting toward a youth peace event on September 23rd where 50,000 youth gathered across the nation. 
Commemorative May 3rd 
Annual Special Contribution Campaign Decorations throughout the lobby and exhibition are of the New York Culture Center.
Creating A New Peace: Block Party, Union Square
This was my first art direction role! Non-profit organization held a block party on 15th street between Union Sq West and 5th Ave to engage with the community.  Also for its membership to celebrate their founder's anniversary of his declaration to abolish nuclear weapons.
East Territory Leaders Meeting, Lincoln Center
Banner design for non-profit organization's leadership event which varied in ages from across the east coast.

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